Questions you ask yourself while making an adventure game

…And a few responses.

Are there ethnicities in the future? And maybe one day, the genetic advantages conferred by mixing races will lead to racism against people of obvious heritage.

Do I use too much profanity, or not enough? I want my game to be a gritty reboot of the adventure genre, but on the other hand, that’s stupid.

This floor doesn’t look 3-D. How do you make a floor look three-dimensional??

If my main character has a smartass response for every line, does that mean she’s unhappy?

If my first instinct is to make every line a smartass response, does that mean I’m unhappy?

If you’re going insane, at what point do you decide to keep that to yourself? I mean, don’t you hate that tedious stretch in a speculative movie where the main character has to go around flummoxing people while trying to figure out what’s different?

Are internships still unpaid in the future?

What is my main character afraid of?

What’s the difference between a detail and a distraction? The environment is the game in an adventure game. Too many details, and it’s like adding extra buttons to the controller.

Who’s my target market? (Just kidding, I know I don’t have one.)

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